Wild Thing...

A commission piece I finished recently for some friends...Measuring 11x14 pen and ink on illustration board. The details about fried my eyeballs...but I love being challenged with either subject matter or working with new materials...I had fun with this...but relieved to ship it out. :D

A little Festus justice...

So over at the Rust Belt Collective our goal this week was supporting characters...I chose the rugged and fiesty Festus from Gunsmoke.

The inks prior ro any colors..

After washing in color with acrylics and maksing fluids along with laying gray tone base in marker for colors.

You can follow the link to see the final version over at The Rust Belt Monster Collective. As always thanks for viewing. J.



Christmas sale on original art...

Well...I hope you're happy. I couldn't move enough art to buy me that new hat. So I ended up sick for the last 4 weeks. How can you live with yourselves? Hmmmpff...What's that you say? How can you make it up to me, you ask? From now until Christmas I'll be offering 30% off on all original art and prints on the site. Also spend $75.00 bucks or more and get a free Wolf Princess print or original sketch....your choice...And I forgive you.


Retirement piece...

No...not my retirement. Carol of Carol and Johns comic shop in Cleveland, went into semi retirement. Handing the reins over able hands of her son John. Two people that have affected nmany imaginations here in Cleveland. I've known them for a while and I wish Carol the best.

Saturday Pencil Riot

A great group known as The YoYo Syndicate, here in Cleveland, held an event. The 1st Pencil Riot art crawl tookplace last Saturday and began at the Market Street Wine Bar on W25th and proceeded to move to 5 or 6 other venue.




















                 A great time was had by all and we were accompanied by ladies from Hilaritease Dance School. My thanks to one and all for such a great time. Can't wait till the next one.














 For the record only one of these was actually completed during the riot...two were finished as me and two other artist licked our wounds the next day at the wine bar.

Tetsuo- The Bullet Man

Though I've yet to see the film...I'm captivated by the trailer..(and it currently sits in my shopping cart for ordering) the thought of a wronged man so enraged with vengence that his body literally becomes a "living weapon" is enticing. So I couldn't pass up a chance to throw it down in a sketch....

Unexpected Guest

Last nights sketch. As a kid I favored a Hanna Barbara cartoon, Frankestein Jr. About a boy with a pet giant robot fighting crime. Every kid should have giant robot...I'm building one for my two girls in the garage.

Sunday Art Club sketches

Weekly...schedule permitting I meet up with a great group of people on Sunday. We talk art...rip on each other when possible and draw. No predetermined images..just what ever comes to mind or is on our mind. These are the fruits of my labor...


  • What can I say..I dig gorillas..and hey..even gorillas get tired of walking.


Cinematic Redux 2


I'll be at the Breakneck Gallery tonight in Lakewood for the Cinematic Redux 2 show. A re-imagining of horror film poster art.  17020 Madison Ave. 

A shot of my contribution. Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster...1965 B horror goodness.

If you're in the Cleveland area tonight, stop by and say hello.