Hawken fan art

 If you haven't read Ben and Tim Trumans Hawken, stop reading right now, run to your local comic shop and pick it up. Go ahead...I'll wait. 

 When I saw a post on Face Book from Ben, calling out for fan art for the title, I could type fast enough to throw my hat in the ring. You see..Tim Truman was ...and still is, one of my idols. During the 80's and early 90's the comic field was overun by comics. Some say it's one of the reasons that some comic shops do not support the independent market. Many a retailer gambled on the next TMNT or the next big independent phenomena and were left with stacks and stacks of comics they couldn't sell. But..Tim's SCOUT was a gem. I still own the original copies and every now and then, I'll break them out just to thumb through and peer at the gorgeous artwrok.

 If you've been waiting for a good western title...Hawken is it. And more importantly, it's the supporting cast that you have to really pay attention to. Hawkens past victims haunt and follow him. Taking their digs and taunting him at every turn. It's my love for westerns and for the book that gave me inspiration. Are you still here? Go out..NOW...and buy this book.