Black Pearl skate deck

I've never attempted painting on skate deck..hell..never even thought about it until the end of last year. I particpated in a deck show at the Sandusky Cultural Center and have been drawn to painting on them since. I do prefer the used boards over the fresh new, untainted decks. There's something to say about the character in a well ridden board. And in most cases I enjoy what the riding does to the designs....and use that to pull my inspration from. So what follows are shots of the progress of a deck I did for a show the Black and White Show at BreckNeck Gallery in Lakewood.

Starting with a fairly tight penciled version to work from. Typically I try and spray the board with a mid tone to work from. Allowing me to add highlights and dark tones to give form and shape.

                                                                                                         I lay in as much paint as possible. In this case working with acrylics. I allow myself some freedom here. I try and keep it loose and fluid. If the paint runs or splatters I wait and see where it goes and if I like it. That's what they make Gesso for people.






Tightening up and working out lights and darks. At this point adding details...Working with highlights in her hair, the black pearls. My main goal is still adding form and building up paint.
















Detailing continues.....


















More details...working in the blacks for the gun....highlights in the hair. In this case I used ink for the octopus tat which ran up her arm.