It's been a while...I know.

 Sorry for the lack of's been a very busy 2010 and it's gearing up to be a just as busy, or busier 2011. So let's get a couple things updated here...

...Ah 1st. The Wolf Princess prints were a success and I thank all those that purchased the 1st printings. They went so well in fact that I've added 20 more 2nd printings available. Just head over to the Original art and prints section for details.

....2nd. I have a comic workshop in April for 3 days at our local community college library. Dates and times will be announced once confirmed.

...3rdly. I do have a show coming up showcasing some of the pages from the anthology I'm particpatiing in a long with some other pieces. Those dates and times will be announced as well..

.....and lastly I'll be posting pages from the aforementioned book, once I'm given the go ahead from the powers that be...thanks for dropping by and checking in.

 So here's to 2011....may it rock my face off.