Here are a few pieces I've done for a very..VERY worth while project. Ripple Sketch was started by a very big hearted and talented artist Kelly Light. Ripple is a website dedicated to helping the endangered wildlife in the gulf, that still even now fight for their existence. You'd have to be from another planet not to have seen the horrible images of oil covered birds, dolphins, sea turtles and other life struggling in the thick crude. It's torn my heart out to just watch these beautiful creatures suffer at the hands of man and I've never felt so helpless. But thanks to Kelly, her handful of assistants and the artsists and illustrators particpating, a difference can be made.

 Here's what you can do. Head over to the ripple website, pick a piece of art, let Kelly and her gang know which one you want, donate $10.00 or $50.00 to the 4 charities listed on the right hand side of the  web page, send Kelly the receipt and the art is yours. Pretty dang easy. You can get the full skinny over on Ripple here,

 Remember you can make a can be part of the ripple started by Kelly and her crew. And you get to purchase some sweet art in the process...Mine included if you're so inclined.

More stuff coming up..