Free Comic Book Day....and stuff.

 A big shout out to one of THE BEST comic shops ever, Carol and Johns Comic Shop on the west side of Cleveland for the late night pre-FCBD extravaganza last night/early morning. I made some great new friends, grabbed some comics for my youngest daughter and picked up a trade of DC's SCALPED (that I'm totally addicted to). It was a gas to hang out with a group of people, men and women, that are as passionate about the culture and artform of comics as myself.

 I'm finally posting a couple of pages from a project I'm involved in that I'm super excited about. The project is an anthology series for the cyber comics community Digital Webbing. It's a retelling of classic fairytales from all over the world, injected with a dose of science fiction.

My contribution is illustrating a story by uber talented writer Saj Patel and his take on a tale of The Cowherd and Weavergirl. A wonderful Chinese fairytale about the beauty and the strength of true love. I couldn't be more excited about a project.

Along with my contribution I get to rub erasers with the likes of pro illustrators such as Farel Dalrymple, Cary Nord, Khoi Pham, Mark Robinson and a slew of others. What else can an artist ask for?

I've some other stuff waiting in the wings, another project coming up with creator Chip Skelton that is completely...COMPLETELY opposite of this one. It has me chompin' at the bit but that's further up, or down the road. J.