It's been a busy couple of years....

Due to my search for artistic growth my blog and site have been dormant for...oh....a little over 3 years now. Almost 4, for those keeping track.

Art is funny that way.

I became my own worse enemy by becoming complacent. Satisfied with my work. Which is a creativity killer leading to a soulless existence. So instead of hiding in the cave and working on my craft, I'll come out and post my experiments, failures and successes here for all of you to see

. For any of you out there still paying attention.

Also in the works is my storefront. Soon you'll be able to purchase prints and originals. If that tickles your fancy. See ya soon.


Ingenuity Fest Cleveland 2012

For your viewing pleasure....15 hours...loads of paint and markers and 5 of my friends. The Rust Belt Monster Collective working on a 4x24 foot mural during two days at Clevelands Ingenuity Fest. And was as much fun as it looks.

Dr. Phibes

A piece done for the third annual Cinema Redux show at Breakneck Gallery on Madison in Lakewood. One of my favorite films....and actor. Vincent Price as The Abominable Dr. Phibes. 11x17 pen, ink and ink washes on bristol.

Hawken fan art

 If you haven't read Ben and Tim Trumans Hawken, stop reading right now, run to your local comic shop and pick it up. Go ahead...I'll wait. 

 When I saw a post on Face Book from Ben, calling out for fan art for the title, I could type fast enough to throw my hat in the ring. You see..Tim Truman was ...and still is, one of my idols. During the 80's and early 90's the comic field was overun by comics. Some say it's one of the reasons that some comic shops do not support the independent market. Many a retailer gambled on the next TMNT or the next big independent phenomena and were left with stacks and stacks of comics they couldn't sell. But..Tim's SCOUT was a gem. I still own the original copies and every now and then, I'll break them out just to thumb through and peer at the gorgeous artwrok.

 If you've been waiting for a good western title...Hawken is it. And more importantly, it's the supporting cast that you have to really pay attention to. Hawkens past victims haunt and follow him. Taking their digs and taunting him at every turn. It's my love for westerns and for the book that gave me inspiration. Are you still here? Go out..NOW...and buy this book.

Black Pearl skate deck

I've never attempted painting on skate deck..hell..never even thought about it until the end of last year. I particpated in a deck show at the Sandusky Cultural Center and have been drawn to painting on them since. I do prefer the used boards over the fresh new, untainted decks. There's something to say about the character in a well ridden board. And in most cases I enjoy what the riding does to the designs....and use that to pull my inspration from. So what follows are shots of the progress of a deck I did for a show the Black and White Show at BreckNeck Gallery in Lakewood.

Starting with a fairly tight penciled version to work from. Typically I try and spray the board with a mid tone to work from. Allowing me to add highlights and dark tones to give form and shape.

                                                                                                         I lay in as much paint as possible. In this case working with acrylics. I allow myself some freedom here. I try and keep it loose and fluid. If the paint runs or splatters I wait and see where it goes and if I like it. That's what they make Gesso for people.






Tightening up and working out lights and darks. At this point adding details...Working with highlights in her hair, the black pearls. My main goal is still adding form and building up paint.
















Detailing continues.....


















More details...working in the blacks for the gun....highlights in the hair. In this case I used ink for the octopus tat which ran up her arm. 

The Artist's Left Hand...

Artist Theodore Gercault's final piece, The Artist's Left Hand was my inspiration for The Rust Belt Monster Collectives take on reimagining masterpieces. This is bic pen, micron, ink washes, white paint marker and red ink on 8 1/2 x 11 recycled bogus paper. Follow the link to see what the other monsters put together. You will not be disappointed...gaurantee. ......As always thanks for droppin' by. Leave a comment if you wish...Oh yes, by the way..this is my left hand. J.

Tribute to Moebius...

Over at the Rust Belt MOnster Collective we all paid tribute to the artist known as Moebius who passed away earlier this month. Like many of the artists that have influenced me, I never appreciated their later in years as I spent a lot fo timke trying to find my own voice. But once their any old friend or family member, you realize how they influenced you and helped shape you into the artist...or person, you've become. I've never read Blueberry, a title touted to be the greatest western comic/ graphic novel ever written. So once word spread of his passing I ran across a few pieces of his. And what struck me right off the bat, was his attention to backgrounds. His appreciation for the beauty and majesty of the land where many a man, woman and child battled for survival in the unforgiving wild west. 






I've included the penciled and ink versions along with an "in progress" image of the painted colors. You can head to the Rust Belt Monster Collective to see the final colors. As always...thanks for droppin' by