Jim Giar has been prone to telling stories and drawing pictures since he was a kid. A self proclaimed pop culture brat and a child of the 60's and 70's, he grew up gazing at the flickering images glowing from the gas tube in a box. His discovery of comics, grindhouse and horror movies only added fuel to the fire in his addled brain and one way or another, those influences makes their way into his work. 

Known mostly for his work in comics, he has branched out into mixed media and live mural art with his art collective, The Rust Belt Monsters. His main tactic is pretty much throw whatever is in his arsenal at the boards and see what sticks. In his own words, "The thought and creation process to me is like wolfing down a box of sweetened cereal in a bowl, doused in coffee and washed down with a cup of sugar. For me, experimentation is key and is what helps me grow as artist."

Key career moments-

- The launch of his online graphic novel, SoulDriver on Drunk Duck, which quickly built a fan following and was nominated twice for Best Action Comic.

- Contributing artist for The Ripple Project. Spearheaded by artist Kelly Light, the project was a call to arms by artists in response to the BP/ Gulf oil disaster. Contributing artists supplied finished card art posted on the site. Participants could then purchase the cards by donating money to select wildlife reserves and rescue services for the endangered creatures of the gulf.

- Contributing artist for Aftershock. After the devastation in Japan from the earthquake and preceeding tsunami, artist and creator Adam Pasion, who resided in Japan, collected artists and cartoonists to contribute to an anthology titled, Aftershock.  

- Founding member of The Rust Belt Monster Collective. A group of 6 artists that perform live murals in front of crowds, working as large as 4ft. x 24ft.